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12 Solid Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important For Ecommerce Business


E-mail remains a critical component of digital communication, despite the increasing popularity of chat apps, messengers, and social media. Reports indicate that there were four billion e-mail users in the world in 2020, and the number will grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Additionally, roughly 306.4 billion e-mails have been sent and received each day in 2020.

Thus, proper email marketing agency can help you reach a wider audience. However, businesses are not fully utilizing emails in their marketing strategies. In this article, we'll highlight 12 reasons why eCommerce marketing is important. Let's dwell on.

1. It’s Extremely Effective

Email is one of the most effective marketing strategies available in the market. It helps your messages reach your customers. Emails reach up to 79% of the people and have a 30% open rate. Also, 4.2% of them turn into customers. Thus, implementing email marketing in your business strategies can help you get a wider audience and reach more people.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Compared to other marketing strategies. Email marketing is cost-effective. It requires a nominal investment to reach out to a wider audience. Also, it does not require more men power, saving your hiring cost. If you have a small mailing list, some of the email marketing service providers will cover you with free plans.

Even if you make any mistakes, you can easily rectify them without having to spend additional money.


3. Personalization

Personalized content is essential in the eCommerce email marketing strategy. The prime goal of email marketing is to provide a personal touch and value through the content. A personalized touch will make your customer feel special and make them think they belong to your company.

Customers get numerous emails from multiple companies. Too much irrelevant content can have you end up in the spam folder. Therefore, personalization will make your email stand out and avoid being labelled as spam.

4. Customer Demand

The majority of customers prefer emails for business conversations. Businesses use emails to motivate the customers to click on them and take action, such as registering, purchase, etc. You can easily craft emails according to their requirements when you know what your customers expect from you.

5. Measurable

Email marketing stats consist of open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rates, bounce rates, spam complaint rates, and unsubscribe rates. These rates are measurable and indicate the trajectory of your business's popularity.

This data can help you determine your marketing growth, find any loopholes, and improve them. For example, if you see a low opening rate, you can improve your subject lines. Additionally, it will stop you from overdoing any actions and reduce the unsubscribe or bound rate.


6. Improves Brand Awareness

Brand awareness drives customers to choose your product and services over others. People can learn about you only when you make your brand visible and generate customer curiosity. Emails can increase customer curiosity and keep them engaged with your brand.

To hold your customer's interest, you can send those emails regarding industry updates, expert advice, market news, and blog updates. It shows that your brand is not all about the sales, and it cares about the customers. And if you send emails about your products in between, it will keep your business on top.

7. Targeted Messaging

One thing you need to keep in mind for email marketing is to target the right audience at the right time. All of your customers are in the different stages of the buying process, such as research, comparison, and ready-to-buy. Create a buyer persona to determine what stage your customers are at and approach them accordingly.

For example, if your customer is at the ready-to-buy stage, you can motivate them to buy more products by up-selling or cross-selling.

8. Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness plays a huge part in Email Marketing for ecommerce businesses. People can check their emails anywhere at any time on mobile devices. You can take advantage of the speed and reach and execute your marketing strategy seamlessly.


9. Easy Updates for Customers

You can easily update your customers about any important milestone in your business via emails. You can run digital ads to celebrate and inform customers about your new milestone. However, it will cost you efforts and money as well, and it may not reach the target audience.

With email marketing, you can deliver the same message to your targeted audience in just a few pennies.

10. Inspires Actions

As mentioned earlier, the ecommerce email marketing message encourages customers to take appropriate actions. Business emails consist of asking customers to acknowledge your brand, visit your store, and make a purchase.

You can easily integrate call-to-action buttons in your emails and ask people to sign-up for the latest course, direct them to your website, inform them about the upcoming sale, ask to share your content on social media, and offer discounts.

11. Builds Relationship and Creditability

Understanding your customers can help you form a healthy relationship with them. You can reach out to your potential customers through emails and show them your enthusiasm and interests. Additionally, you can build credibility with personalization and pro-activeness.

Creditability will help you stand out from your competitors and decrease your bounce rate. One of the best tips to build credibility is to keep the conversation, authentic and show your expertise in your domain.


12. Scalability

Lastly, scalability is directly proportional to your growth. The more your subscribers increase, the more your business will scale. When it comes to email marketing, you don't need sophisticated measures in place before your email list starts to grow. Every email marketing services provider offers a plan that scales as the list grows, saving you the cost of anticipation fees.

In simple words, you can easily perform the same actions for 100000 people that you initially served for 10 people.

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