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Top 11 AI Digital Marketing Tools: Automate Your Efforts

ai digital marketing tools

Digital marketing utilizes artificial intelligence in order to make automated decisions in every process. AI will aid in data analysis and data collection. It will offer better insights into audience and economic trends to bring in innovative marketing approaches and efforts.

Integration of automation in digital marketing will nurture leads, personalize customer journeys, help to make smarter decisions, enhance customer engagement, and boost conversions. Automation will bring in greater efficiency than ever before to boost business productivity.

Here, we will discuss the leading AI digital marketing tools and explore how these platforms, coupled with User enterprise SEO services, offer substantial benefits to today’s businesses.

The Rise of AI in Digital Marketing

AI was invented between the 1990s and 2000s, and gradually, it was introduced in digital marketing. Today, AI is helpful in various ways in the marketing process. The foremost use of AI is to automate tasks such as generating leads and customer retention. It assists the markets in identifying potential customers and improving engagement. Overall, the major goal of AI in digital marketing is to improve performance and ROI.

The top trends driving AI adoption in digital marketing are refinement of ad targeting, improved automation in AI marketing, innovative chatbot solutions, usage of predictive analytics, adoption of voice-based shopping, and use of multimodal AI. The other integrated trends are machine learning, AR/VR, and natural language processing.

The Best AI tools for digital marketing are integrated with the best features that bring in the current trend to assist marketers and make businesses more productive.

Top Key AI Digital Marketing Tools and Their Uses

1. Seventh Sense

ai tools for digital marketing

Seventh Sense is a deep-tech AI software tool that is specifically designed to improve performance and drive engagement for email marketing campaigns. The tool will optimize frequency and customize email delivery times.

Key Features:

Send Time Optimization – Automatic email delivery to each individual.

Email Throttling - Improves deliverability and aids in making changes.

Drives Deliverability – Increases sender reputation.

Email Frequency Optimization – Automated engagement-based segmentation.

Improves Conversions – Overall frequency and send time optimization to increase conversions.


● Easy usability
● Great dashboard for send times
● Send time per contact
● Breakdown of activity


● Unsatisfied UI
● Troublesome for first-time users.
● A manual click is required at times to refresh

2. Tidio

best free ai tools for digital marketing

It is the best AI marketing tool that offers high-quality customer support. It is a comprehensive chatbot solution that will aid in generating leads. The app also helps automate marketing campaigns and improve customer service.

Key Features:

Live Chat – It features live chatting, canned responses, attachments, and multi-language support.

Email Marketing Automation – The feature will improve customer retention. It comes with automated email campaigns and a drag-and-drop email builder.

Lyro AI Chatbot – It offers custom-fit support. This chatbot solution will solve around 70% of issues with AI.

Order Management – It has built-in Shopify actions such as shopping cart preview, refund and cancel orders, and order history.

Ticketing – Solving customer issues by tracking and prioritizing tickets.

Messaging Channels – The app allows you to connect your messaging channels to enhance customer communication.


● Easy usability
● Needs no coding experience
● Multichannel communication
● Supports 35+ integrations
● Best for small business


● Limited integrations
● Lack of co-browsing functionality
● Lyro conversational AI comes with increased monthly costs.
● Basic reporting

3. Zapier

ai tools for digital marketing

Zapier was created to integrate data between web apps. Users can connect multiple apps to automate repetitive work. This platform is helpful for all business sizes.

Key Features:

AI-powered Zap builder for creating Zaps – It will suggest actions and triggers.

Faster workflow diagrams – Users can map out each part of the workflow processes.

Troubleshooting Zap run errors – Using AI, the error will be fixed sooner.

Zapier Central for creating AI bot – Directing AI-powered bots that understand your specific business objectives.


● Great integrations
● Easy setup and implementation with great features
● Integration of multiple apps
● Better workflow management
● API and cloud management


● The lack of good customer service
● At times, it is hard to fix errors
● Rebuilding steps to edit or change things

ai tools for digital marketing

4. Jasper AI

digital marketing ai tools

Jasper AI is a platform that helps tech experts and businesses improve their marketing content. The app will help create articles, blogs, emails, social media posts, and much more content. It is a great tool for enterprise marketing teams.

Key Features:

AI and Machine Learning – Integration of AI/ML features to effectively automate tasks.

Activity Dashboard – It comes with an activity dashboard to track activities in real-time.

Automated Text Generation – Natural language texts are generated automatically with proper grammar and sentence structure.

Collaboration Tools – The platform features collaboration tools to connect through different digital platforms.


● Ease of use
● Better readability
● Multiple formats
● No repetitive phrases


● Needs a lot of human input
● Chances of incorrect data and misinformation
● Inappropriate topics

5. Notion AI

ai tools for digital marketing agency

Notion AI is a helpful AI-powered tool that can transform your existing content in a great way and way faster. The platform does not need any manual reconfiguration. It simplifies the marketer’s job by writing new pages and extracting necessary information from different database pages.

Key Features:

Integration of existing content – You will find an “Import” feature that will let you effortlessly upload existing data.

Team collaboration – Notion AI is one of the best free AI tools for digital marketing, offering an excellent set of collaboration features for team members.

Generative AI and machine learning – It assists in project management and personal projects.

Writing Tools – Helps to improve writing and simplify complex language.


● Effective content creation and easy editing
● Workflow automation
● Data visualization and organization
● Collaboration capabilities


● Users may need a learning curve
● Limited content-related features
● Limited language support
● Not suitable for projects that need advanced functions.

6. Writer

top ai tools for digital marketing

Writer is a platform integrated with a full-stack generative AI. The best part of the tool is that it has purpose-built LLMs, a great application layer, and a graph-based RAG. The platform aims to empower the functions of business. It will be supportive in activities such as sales and marketing.

Key Features:

State-of-the-art LLMs – They offer great quality and control at low costs.

Knowledge Graph – A graph-based RAG anchoring generative AI that lets you witness higher accuracy.

Word monitoring and terminology management – The automated tool monitors words and manages terms.

Snippets – It is useful while writing emails.

AI Guardrails – It will automatically scale up the guidelines and eliminate manual edits and long review cycles.


● Automated correction
● Words auto complete
● Writing Style
● Follows the PCI guidelines


● Limited text editing functions
● Poor plagiarism functions
● Inconsistent in checking spelling
● Lack of writing goal

technical seo audit tool

7. Undetectable AI

free ai tools for digital marketing

Undetectable AI is one of the free AI tools for digital marketing that is fairly accurate in passing the AI detection test. It is a sophisticated platform that plays a crucial role in redefining the limitations of AI-generated content. It is integrated with advanced rewriting technology and AI algorithms to convert generated text into content automatically.

Key Features:

Human-like Text Generation feature – It has the ability to make AI-generated content as human-written content effortlessly.

Multi-language Support – It lets the users create content in multiple languages.

AI Detection Evasion – It is incorporated with advanced techniques to pass any AI detector.

Rapid Processing – Converts AI content into human-generated content at a rapid speed.

User-Friendly Interface – It has a straightforward and interactive design for users.


● Easy usability with simple UI
● Gives API access
● Best for developers
● Faster rephrasing


● Chances of quality hammer
● Ethical considerations
● Not foolproof

8. Browse AI

best free ai tools for digital marketing

Browse AI is a popular AI marketing tool as it is the first web automation software powered by AI. It takes care of data extraction, real-time monitoring, and automated tasks on the web pages.

Key Features:

Turning a website into API – Users can create their own real-time API within minutes for any website.

Data extraction from websites – You can easily extract data from a webpage and export different tools.

Monitoring websites – Users can monitor websites and detect changes immediately.


● User-friendly interface.
● Prebuilt robots
● Handles complex scenarios
● Integrates with Google Sheets


● A limited number of free rows.
● Cannot extract data with websites that have advanced anti-scraping measures and authentication.
● Does not support all data formats.
● Consists of bugs and errors.

9. Acrolinx

ai tools for digital marketing

Acrolinx is one of the digital marketing AI tools that enhances the quality of enterprise content, making it more impactful. This tool helps businesses to address complex content challenges. The software delivers a consistent content experience to meet different digital channels.

Key Features:

Integration of AI/Machine Learning – Make content better with powerful AI and ML algorithms.

Better access controls – It comes with highly secured access controls and permissions.

Collaboration assistance – The platform offers collaborative approaches to collab with experts in different platforms.

Multiple content publishing options – Users can publish content on different platforms with customizable templates.


● Powerful suggestion of theme
● Formatting suggestions
● Syntax corrections
● Comprehensive support


● Limited formatting options and themes
● Guidelines can be improved

10. Brand24

best ai tools for digital marketing

Brand24 is an excellent AI-powered social listening tool. It tracks the online presence in articles, blogs, videos, social media, etc. Users can stay up to date with people with user reviews about the brand. The app provides detailed analytics in order to offer valuable insights.

Key Features:

Sentiment Analysis – This feature analyzes comments and mentions automatically to check if they are positive or negative.

Topic Analysis – It is a powerful feature with a text analysis method that lets you identify different topics.

Additional metrics – The tool includes a snippet of KPIs.


● Reporting
● Social media channel tracking
● User friendly
● No technical knowledge is required


● Insight generation can be done better
● Missed brand mentions
● Lack of depth sentiment analysis

11. FanPage Karma

ai digital marketing tool

Fanpage Karma is one of the Top AI tools for digital marketing for social media analytics and real-time monitoring. The platform offers detailed insights on posting strategies. The platform will give the users complete details on the performance of profiles such as Facebook.

Key Features:

Holistic Management – Comprehensively manages unlimited profiles.

Centralized Inbox – One inbox for different social media channels.

Editorial calendar – Users will get access to the calendar with automated cross-posting.

Customizable reports and metrics – Users will get access to huge metrics selection and vast reports.


● Competitive analysis
● Activity Dashboard
● Suggestion for the Instagram hashtag
● Performance score display
● Bar chart race


● Lack of social media listening feature
● Unsatisfied with publishing and engaging features.

Advantages of Automating Marketing with AI

● Increased efficiency and productivity

It is undeniable that AI has brought huge productivity and efficiency to brands in various fields, especially in marketing. It reduces manual efforts to a great extent and eliminates repetitive tasks. It has driven the automation of marketing tasks such as lead generation and scoring, social media scheduling, and management of email marketing campaigns. All these have helped businesses to achieve greater efficiency in their marketing process. Also, it has maximized productivity and aids in the effective allocation of resources.

● Enhanced ability to scale operations

Efficient and high-quality lead generation is the major reason behind business scaling. Automation in marketing allows marketers to identify and nurture leads. They can better streamline the entire process with AI. It will also help to optimize campaigns and deliver personalized outcomes to the audience. Automating Marketing with AI lets the brands track financial operations, accelerate business processes, and develop concrete solutions.

● Improved accuracy in targeting and segmentation

AI lets brands analyze huge volumes of data in real time and faster without causing any delay. It gives you a highly accurate segmentation. Automating marketing with AI technology not only streamlines the entire marketing process but also improves segmentation quality. This leads to the creation of more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

● Statistic-backed benefits

Over 90% of marketers in around 35 countries are currently relying on AI tools to automate customer interaction. Also, it was found that nearly 88% of marketers prefer to work with AI, and feedback has been given that it has helped them personalize their customer journey in multiple digital channels. More than 80% of marketers across the globe have integrated some form of AI into their digital marketing activities.

● Real-life success stories

One of the inspiring real-life success stories is Hubspot's Chatbot. HubSpot is the top CRM platform. It has incorporated AI-based chatbots to offer all-time support to users. The AI chatbots have the ability to handle routine inquiries way more efficiently. It reduces manual efforts, relaxes human agents, and lets them shift their focus to other complex issues. AI integration has improved Hubspot’s customer satisfaction and boosted overall operational efficiency.

Challenges and Considerations Of AI Digital Marketing Tools

With emerging trends, no doubt the AI tools for digital marketing have brought great benefits, but it has also brought complexity and challenges. Ethical considerations are also a major concern with AI marketing tools. Data quality and quantity also impact the results of the AI tool. Moreover, a lack of interpretability is questioning the accountability and transparency of these tools.

Above all, using AI tools for digital marketing agencies has raised ethical concerns about potential biases in algorithms. The tools are biased to certain customer groups, which impacts decision-making. Also, still, these tools are not fully automated, as they need human assistance at some point.

Businesses are noticing pitfalls as they expect AI to do all the tasks. Also, with the right frameworks and meaningless metrics, the users are experiencing pitfalls. In order to avoid the pitfalls, you need to determine your goals, research data sources, prepare data, and train and implement your AI models accordingly; also, always monitor your AI tasks.

Tips for integrating AI tools effectively;

● Users need to identify potential use cases.
● A brief evaluation of the benefits of AI tools, along with their cons, is necessary.
● Try different AI tools.
● It is advised to start with low-stakes tasks with AI tools.
● Use AI for high-impact use cases
● Always optimize your AI tool performance

Boost Your Strategy: Automate with AI Marketing Tools Today!

In the above blog, you have covered the top 11 AI Digital Marketing Tools along with their features, pros and cons. Hope that you have got the best overview, which will let you decide which one to choose to elevate your business performance and marketing operations. To outshine in the highly competitive market, you need to integrate AI marketing tools to get better ROI. The top SEO consulting agency uses these AI tools to offer the best service to their customers.

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