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AI Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing - Which Tactics Are Better?


Artificial Intelligence has started to rule the world. It has made its space in almost every niche. And marketing is no exception. However, the majority of businesses are confused whether or not to implement AI marketing into their marketing strategies and put aside the traditional marketing. The debate still goes on which tactics are better. You must connect and hire digital marketing experts for sales and conversional growth.

Here, in this article, we’ll help you determine which digital marketing tactics are better for your business.

Let’s dwell in.


1. Automation

The process of manually entering data, analyzing it, creating detailed charts, and even developing email and social media strategies has been simplified. With artificial intelligence and automation, the process is a lot less time-consuming.

AI has become an essential tool for big tech companies in order to automate these mundane tasks. In addition, they help create more relevant and personalized messages by analyzing the behavior of customers.

In the near future, marketers will be able to "speak" to their CMS using voice-recognition technology. AI will automatically update the website or write the blog post after the user tells it what changes need to be made. As a result, marketers have more time to be creative and attend industry events to further their knowledge.

On the other hand, traditional marketing can’t compete with that. With traditional marketing, you have to do everything by yourself and it is a time consuming process. AI is a clear winner for time and money saving marketing strategy.


2. Better Audience Connection

The internet is full of buyer-behavior breadcrumbs left by customers. With these breadcrumbs and artificial intelligence, you can create a winning marketing strategy.

With AI, marketers can better understand customer needs and frustrations. In addition, marketers are able to spend more time engaging with their audience. Relationships can be strengthened by hosting events in person and interacting on social media. As a result, customer churn is reduced and brand loyalty is increased.

Customer loyalty is based on the feeling that a company cares about them and has a real relationship with them.

When it comes to traditional marketing, you are not being connected with consumers right away. Your customers will only recognize as a brand and you won’t be able to connect with them on an intellectual level.

In traditional marketing, usually brands use advertisements, pamphlets, newspaper ads, etc. to let audience know about their business. It is not as quite effective, as people can block ads and ignore pamphlets. That’s why for better audience connection it is advisable to opt for AI marketing. You can communicate with social media marketing agency to discover the better audience connection network.

3. Assistance with Content Curation

Content curation assistance is one of the benefits of the AI marketing that traditional marketing cannot offer. AI's role in content marketing and marketing strategy will be shaped by recent advancements in image recognition technology. The process of searching stock photography sites for the right photo can be quite time-consuming for marketers. AI technology will be able to select the perfect picture for a blog post or article based on machine learning systems and data analysis.

Artificial intelligence is being used to collect, analyze, and distribute content through several content marketing solutions currently available, such as Curata, Salesforce’s Einstein, and Persado.

4. Chatbots

Chatbots are the biggest boon of artificial intelligence. It saves numerous human efforts into solving customer problems. Consumers today don't have time to wait for customer service representatives to respond. They want instant answers to their questions or problems. On a company's website, they can chat with a representative by clicking on the "chat with a representative" link. The majority of the time, they are speaking with a Chatbots.

It is likely that customer service representatives will be replaced by Chatbots made by AI development companies in the near future. As a result of algorithms, they'll be smarter and faster, able to provide instant answers and make the right suggestions for upselling. A Chatbot doesn't have emotions, so conflict is less likely.

With traditional marketing, sometimes clashes happen with the representatives and it can lead up to the bad reputation. Chatbots save you from that.


5. Cost Effective

Well, when it comes to cost, you can easily tell that traditional marketing is costlier. It costs to print out and deliver the pamphlets. Along with that television ads and newspapers ads costs a lot and do not generate enough revenue and give you the best ROI. Hire SEO Expert to plan the cost-effective organic marketing strategy.

AI marketing costs a bit less than traditional marketing. All you have to do is a one-time purchase the software and that’s all. You don’t have to pay additional charges. With AI, digital marketing becomes way easier. You don’t have to hire an additional representative to talk to customers, you don’t have to worry about content curation, and it does not require much efforts. It is highly cost-effective for new start-ups.

On the end note, investing in AI marketing is more beneficial in today’s digital era. It is more beneficial and helps them to connect more with their audience. Traditional marketing still works, but based on your audiences, having AI marketing implemented is more convenient.

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