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Top Google Ads Extensions In 2024: Boost Your Ad Performance

April 29, 2024 by Mit Thakkar
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Digital marketing is a powerful tool for every business in an uncertain market environment where you have to keep an eye on every new trend. Digital marketing professionals must leverage the ideal resources to optimize their marketing strategies and accomplish their goals. Google offers one such powerful resource, ad extensions or ad assets, which give additional momentum to every digital ad campaign. They are part of an integral tool for digital marketing in 2024. Google ads extensions can boost your CTR by almost 10% to 15%, which is an appealing proposition for all digital marketers.

You must dive deeper into the working mechanisms of Google ad extensions and how they can help you improve digital marketing initiatives. As a marketer or business owner, you must know the different types of Google ad extensions that you can use to your advantage.

To use these ad extensions on your website, you may need the best SEO consulting services that will help you rank in the Google ranks by adding ad features to your webpage.

What Are Google Ads Extensions?

As the name suggests, the extensions are additional data or pieces of information that are attached to the Google Ads. The advertising company uses extensions to add more information about the company’s products or services to make their ads more powerful and informative for users. Let’s talk about the history and evolution of Google Ads.

Google Adwords was introduced in the year 2000 to manage advertising campaigns. Since then, new developments have been implemented in its ad departments. Before you dive into the What Google ads extensions types, let’s discuss the changes over the last 20 years till now.

● 2002- Cost-per-click or CPC was added to Google Adwords.
● 2003- A new feature was added to Google Adwords, Google AdSense.
● 2005- Site Targeting was introduced to focus on site advertising rather than only keywords, and Google updated the minimum bids to ensure a quality score. Also, Google Analytics was introduced to track their site visits.
● 2008- Google introduced display ads.
● 2010- Another feature was added, called BMM or Broad Match Modifier keywords.
● 2012- The Google Analytics gets updated to Universal Analytics.
● 2013- Google cross-device target campaigning was launched.
● 2018- Google Adwords renamed to Google Ads
● 2021- The Performance Max campaign was launched.
● 2024- In 2024, the recent changes in Google's ads services include digital advertising through artificial intelligence, smart bidding features, and automation in ad generation.

The Power Of Extensions: Enhancing Visibility and Interaction

Ad Extensions can improve visibility by providing users with more accurate information about a particular company’s products or services through product images, descriptions, pricing, reviews, location, etc.

Let’s take some Google ads extension examples to understand how it enhances visibility.

1. Location Ad Extensions

These allow users to know the service sector’s address, including the contact numbers displayed on the call button. So customers can easily reach them, which enhances traffic and sales.

2. Promotion Ad Extensions

This helps to display the current promotions and ongoing sales. The extension is placed below the ads, and users can click on it to visit the promotional site directly.

Google ads can improve user interactions by providing additional information in Google ads, boosting visibility and ad search space, and helping users get a more personalized experience.

Overall, extensions work best to boost your Google Ad campaign to attract more potential customers to visit the advertising company automatically.

Types Of Google Ads Extensions

There are various types of Google ad extensions, such as location extensions, site link extensions, callout extensions, and many more. Each extension has various roles in ad promotion. Let’s discuss some of the top Google Ads Extensions.

1. Site Link Extensions

As the name suggests, this is a type of Google ad extension that helps to add external links to your ad. When users click the links, they can go directly to different pages of your website. For instance, a user can see your product’s page or contact page.

The Star Links extensions are highly beneficial to increase conversion rates, Click-Through Rates, or CTR, and can save you money and time for creating multiple ads for several web pages on your websites.

These extensions are used while promoting a new product, or sales and promotion, or you want to highlight your product’s new features or benefits. You just have to link the page to your ad, and the extension will do the promoting part.

2. Callout Ad Extensions

These ad extensions are used to add additional text below your ad to highlight the USPs of your service or products and other important information.

The benefits of using these extensions are improving your ad visibility and CTR by providing additional text about your services or products. It also helps to improve the ad score quality and lower the costs per click, which is a good ad’s character.

You can use these extensions when you have to add additional details about your website’s location, contact details, unique selling points, information about sales and discounts, etc.

3. Structured Snippet Extensions

These extensions help organizations add snippets in their texts to enhance ads. That means you can build personalized ads that comply with the specific product or services based on the user's preferences and behavior.

The benefits of these extensions are that they help to improve your ad preference, get more potential clicks from the users, target keywords or customers, and enhance your USPs.

You can use these extensions on your ad when you want to attract customers with the unique services you offer.

4. Call Extensions

As the name suggests, the call extensions allow customers to reach you directly through a phone call. It is simply adding your business contact number on your ad page.

The benefits of using call extensions include boosting user engagement and product reliability. This can be a cost-saving option that helps users be free from typical mobile campaigning, which is tiring and costly. You can use these extensions when you are covering any local campaigns where users can contact you through mobile phones, which is beneficial for you.

types of google ads extensions

5. App Extensions

These extensions allow you to display your customized functionality and the content beside your app when users interact with other apps or services.

The benefits of these extensions are improving the target audience, smartly detecting the app stores and services, brief reporting about how many customers click on your ad, editing your app extensions without going to performance testing, etc.

It is a free ad extension. So, you can use it when you want to advertise your app’s specific features to customers, no matter which apps or devices they are operating.

6. Location Extensions

These types of extensions allow advertisers to add the relevant location details, including contact numbers, for local searchers who will find you instantly from the address you shared with your Google ad page.

The benefits of these extensions are increasing user engagement, improving local searches, CTR, ad quality score, and user satisfaction.

These extensions are useful for those who are associated with restaurants and retail service providers, especially where in-person transactions are really important. A click-to-call button will help the customers to contact the organization or services directly.

7. Price Extensions

These price extensions are displayed under the main ad, which shows the prices of different products, describes them, and links to the main ad, allowing customers to communicate with the business directly.

The major benefits associated with the extensions are they show specific pricing details, exclusive offers, and unique selling points without scrolling down each ad page. Your competitors can also see your ads for your product’s pricing.

If you are associated with shopping businesses or retail service providers, then you can use these extensions to promote your specific product's pricing or any offers or discounts to attract user engagement.

8. Promotion Extensions

These extensions can provide value to your business network with text ads that show sales and discount promotions for your products or services to those targeting audiences searching for similar products.

The benefits of using these extensions are that they help boost the larger audience, increase ad productions, inform clicks, increase CTR, and increase real estate about the SERP of your products.

You can use these extensions when your target audience is looking for special deals and offers related to your business. You can also add coupon codes or discount percentages on your products to attract more customer engagement.

9. Lead Form Extensions

The Lead Form Extensions allow customers to create leads by allowing customers or users to submit their detailed information in a form directly on your ad.

The benefits are generating leads for your business products or services, which can be driven to attract more conversations and help track your targeted audiences who are interested in your relevant products.

You can use these extensions to drive your business leads directly from the mobile search result page.

10. Click-to-Text Ad Extensions

These extensions allow customers to directly contact the business or organizations through text about the products they searched for on the ad page.

The benefits of using these extensions are they can boost the highest CTR rates among all the Google ads extension types explained above.

As people are more comfortable asking for anything through text messaging, these extensions will help you get the highest clicks from the customers.

Creative Uses Of Google Ads Extensions

Let’s talk about some innovative ways businesses are using the google ads extensions:

● Businesses add additional details about their product details, locations, Unique selling points like 24/7 customer services, free delivery services, etc., and other related information on their ad to attract more customer engagement.

● Using Google Ads extensions, businesses add direct call-out options where customers can directly contact them using their respective business contact numbers.

● In 2024, the Google ads extensions will be enabled with Artificial Intelligence that directly tracks the target audiences who are searching for the relevant products of your services.

● With Google Ads extensions, organizations add visual elements like quality images and GIFs that are visually appealing and attract many users to their platforms.

How To Implement Extensions In Your Campaigns?

To make use of the Google Ads Extensions best practices and understand why you should be using them, you first have to implement these extensions in your ad campaigns. Here is the step-by-step guide for the implementation of extensions in your ad promotion.

1. Firstly, log in to your Google ads.
2. After that, you have to select from an ad campaign or group.
3. Then, click on the ad extension tabs and the extensions you want to use.
4. After that, you can customize your extensions for each group.
5. Then, click on the save button, and it will be good to go with your ad campaign.

google ads extensions types

While implementing the extensions, you may take the wrong steps to add them to your ad campaign. So, for your safety, here are some tips to avoid these pitfalls.

1. Don’t use only one extension; use at least four extensions so that you can benefit more from your ad campaign.

2. Apply the scheduling options carefully by adding extra call extensions for more customer engagement; otherwise, avoiding these options will not create any impact on the customers.

3. Also, avoid the wrong ad structure for your products.

4. Using inappropriate keywords is highly restricted.

What Are The Criteria For Measuring The Impact Of Your Extensions?

● You can use four types of tools and metrics to assess your ad performance. These are Business performance metrics, sales performance metrics, metrics for project management, and employment performance metrics. These metrics are highly beneficial to track every aspect of your growth performance in your ad campaigns.

● You can interpret the data by organizing the required information, developing all the findings, making conclusions, and searching for recommendations. These are highly crucial steps in implementing and adjusting the ad campaign.

Grow Your Reach: Tap Your Google Ads Extensions!

From the above discussion, one can get ideas about what is Google Ad extensions and their benefits in the profitability of business organizations using them seamlessly on their products or services.

Whenever you cook a dish, you need salt and spices to make your dish look, smell, and taste a lot better. The same thing applies to Google's advertising campaigns. Anyone who uses Google Search Ads to expand their marketing reach must understand the capabilities of Google Ads extensions.

The goal of ad extensions is to offer additional information about the business to the target audience. With the right proportion of effort in planning your marketing strategies, you can leverage ad extensions to improve ad campaigns. Discover the ideal practices for using Google Ads extensions with the guidance of qualified experts and the Best SEO Consulting Firm right away.

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