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13 Best SEO Audit Tools: Find Your Site’s Weak Spots

April 5, 2024 by Mit Thakkar
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits help in the overall optimization of a website to rank well on Google. They help in website performance analyzation, user experiences, and traffic analysis to rank higher on the Google search engines. Using of right tools helps optimize the website analysis, rankings, backlinks, and SEO traffic. Thus, helps in uncovering and fixing the SEO issues. Today Incorporation of SEO for consulting firms become necessary as it helps to get their target audience and make them believe they should hire the farm for consultancy.

What Is an SEO Audit Tool?

A reliable SEO audit tool helps check all the aspects of a website that should work efficiently to rank on Google. These tools determine a site’s technical SEO, as well as onsite and offsite SEO, for better performance.

Why Perform an SEO Audit?

Benefits of conducting regular SEO Audit can increase your site's performance by doing the following activities:

  1. Audit tools are necessary to increase website traffic and Google ranking. During auditing, the audit tools identify issues like keyword placing and optimize the product page leading to a resulting increment of visibility and organic traffic.

  2. SEO Audit restructures the page menu to increase overall user engagement.

  3. Boosting higher conversion rates by modifying the ill-fitted call-to-action button.

  4. The audit helps in identifying technical issues like in-depth content analysis, analyzing backlinks, uncovering the website’s overall architecture, etc. After identifying all the issues fix everything to run a website efficiently.

  5. It also provides security to the website and monitors all of its competitors.

  6. It helps a website satisfy all the SEO guidelines including checking on bounce rate, and website performance, and ensuring long-term SEO success.

In a nutshell, an SEO audit scrutinizes all the technical parts of the website to make a website look better, user-friendly, faster, and longevity.

Key Features of An SEO Audit Tool

Key features of SEO audit tools include reliability, user-friendliness, and versatility. Let's discuss these as follows.

● The best website SEO audit tool provides reliable and factual data in an accurate form.

● Another feature that SEO audit tools provide is versatility. It can find various prospects of SEO issues and fix them accordingly.

● An SEO audit tool should be usable. It should be navigated according to beginners as well as professionals.

● The audit tools must have these two features, such as quick analysis of the process and reporting quickly to the users for better optimization.

● These tools must comply with all SEO rules and be responsive to all mobile devices.

Top SEO Audit Tools Of 2024 For Digital Marketer

Here are some of the best SEO audit tools you can use for your website audit performance.

1. Semrush

seo audit tool

It is a type of SEO audit tool that provides an all-in-one service that includes an in-depth dashboard for how your webpage is performing.

When you conduct a site audit from this platform, you get a comprehensive technical-level SEO audit tool. This tool will help you modify your on-site page issues.

● Features:

  1. Content Marketing

  2. Comprehensive research

  3. Social media branding

  4. Several SEO tool kit

● Pros: In-depth dashboard and tracking of multiple keywords.

● Cons: The cost of purchasing can be higher for some users.

● Pricing: The Semrush software allows users to avail of 100 site audits free. After that, the cost of purchasing site audits is 99.95 USD per month.

2. Ahref

best seo audit tool

It is a cloud-based SEO audit tool that doesn’t need any installation and can check your site’s major technical issues like broken links, wrong Java scripts, CSS, and more.

● Features:

  1. You can access your data from any place and at any time.

  2. Schedule your crawl either daily, weekly, or monthly.

  3. Can fix more than 100 technical issues.

● Pros: It has a large set of data and appropriate information.

● Cons: The cost of purchasing is high.

● Pricing: The price starts from USD 83 per month.

3. Google Search Console

white label seo audit tool

A free white-level SEO audit tool. Mostly, beginners use this tool as it is free. It provides insight into page speed, broken links, and tracking of the site’s performance.

● Features:

  1. Average click-on page information.

  2. Average SERP position.

  3. Indexed page and HTML markups.

● Pros: Free tools provided by Google.

● Cons: As it is a free tool, you can’t get various features that a paid tool can provide you.

● Pricing: No fee is covered as it is a free tool.

4. Google Page Speed Insights

technical seo audit tool

It is a type of audit tool that allows you to check the speed of your webpage on mobile and desktop devices. The speed result you can get is between 0-100. The webpage optimization depends upon the score you got from the speed result.

● Features:

  1. Page loading time

  2. Visibility

  3. Mobile and desktop responsiveness

● Pros: You can use the PSI tool to analyze your page speed freely.

● Cons: You can’t get comprehensive benefits from this free tool.

● Pricing: This audit tool is completely free.

5. Moz

reliable seo audit tool

The tools give resources about finding all your SEO faults and tools to fix them. You can analyze the crawl up to 3,000 links. You will get your results for each link in the e-mail form.

● Features:

  1. Tracking of website growth and build reports

  2. Link Analysis

  3. Keyword search

● Pros: Consists of a large number of data sets and is user-friendly.

● Cons: For those who are beginners, the price may be high for them.

● Pricing: The price of the Moz audit tool starts from 99 USD per month.

best website seo audit tool

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

free white label seo audit tool

It provides services in a simplified manner despite the size of a website. Whether you have a long or short website, it can crawl over multiple URLs to find and fix SEO issues.

● Features:

  1. SEO-minded

  2. Easy to navigate

  3. Can export data in Excel or .csv form.

● Pros: It can crawl over a large number of data sets, and export in bigger sizes.

● Cons: Cost may be a bad factor for some users.

● Pricing: Free up to 500 pages, and after that, the price starts from 259 USD per year.

7. JetOctopus

seo audit tool

It is a web-based crawler that works on SaaS technology for bigger websites. It provides on-page SEO reports with unlimited access to the crawler.

● Features:

  1. Cannibalization tool

  2. Keyword analyzer

  3. Log analyzer

● Pros: Provides faster crawling option with unlimited access to log analyzer, user-friendly interface, provides problem-centric dashboard.

● Cons: Some may find it difficult to use this tool

● Pricing: This audit tool price starts from 237 USD per month for 500000 crawl pages. After that the price increases as requirements of your website.

8. Small SEO Tool

what is seo audit tool

It is a website that provides free SEO tools on its platform to help SEO business professionals, digital marketers, and website owners grow their websites for high rank in Google.

● Features:

  1. Article rewriting

  2. Keyword positioning

  3. Keyword suggestion

● Pros: Easy content optimization and keyword search tools.

● Cons: Limited SEO access tools and fewer third-party tools as it is a free search tool.

● Pricing: You can access the audit tool freely.

9. SE Ranking

best website seo audit tool

This is a type of audit tool, a cloud-based search engine platform that helps website owners and digital marketers track their search engine rankings and determine their overall website performance.

● Features:

  1. Firstly, it offers 360-degree website optimization.

  2. SEO monitoring, backlinks.

  3. On-page SEO checking.

  4. keyword search, crawling.

● Pros: Great user interface and advanced search engine tools like rank trackers, on-page checkers, affordable prices, and accurate rank results.

● Cons: You can’t get every SEO tool due to its low price.

● Pricing: The pricing starts from USD 32 per month.

10. Clear Scope

reliable seo audit tool

It is a keyword research and search engine optimization tool that helps website owners rank in the Google search engine. To help them, it uses IBM Watson services, which automatically optimize SEO search engines.

● Features:

  1. Content scoring

  2. Competitive analysis

  3. WordPress integration

  4. Custom onboarding

● Pros: Improves readability, great user interface, saves time in keyword research, makes SEO writing easier.

● Cons: Expensive, no AI incorporating writing assistance.

● Pricing: Pricing starts at 170 USD per month and can reach up to 350 USD per month.

11. SEO Site Checkup

technical seo audit tool

Provides an easy user interface to optimize your website’s performance in the score between 1 to 1oo. Your website’s performance depends on your score.

● Features:

  1. Quick search engine analysis

  2. Automatic monitoring tools

  3. Backlinks

● Pros: Provide free high-quality traffic, credibility, and exposure.

● Cons: It takes more time, results may not be guaranteed, and it is expensive.

● Pricing: The price is too expensive, starting from 2500 USD and going to 7500 USD per month.

12. SEoptimer

white label seo audit tool

It is a free SEO audit tool that determines the strengths and weaknesses of the website. It can optimize the website within 30 seconds. According to data, small businesses and digital marketing agencies use this tool more often.

● Features:

  1. Branded PDF reports

  2. Whiteleveled audit tools for websites

  3. Generate leads directly from websites

● Pros: In-depth analysis, customized report

● Cons: Limited features, not guarantee the report

● Pricing: It is a free SEO Audit tool.

13. Content King

best seo audit tool

It comes up with an auditing suite and directly helps with features such as SEO auditing, SEO monitoring, SEO alerting, SEO changes tracking, and log file generation with analysis.

● Features:

  1. A web-based SEO tool that collects a high volume of data for analysis to provide insights.

  2. Help users by providing high visibility to them.

● Pros: Easy user interface, fix your SEO issues 24/7.

● Cons: Too expensive, no guarantee of results.

● Pricing: The price starts from 39 USD and can reach 149 USD per month.

How Do You Choose the Right SEO Audit Tools For Your Site?

● For website auditing, first consider what your website is demanding. Then, explore different audit tools and learn what they are offering in the scope. Some may offer only technical SEO audit tools, and some may offer site analysis performances.

So, depending on your goal, you should purchase the audit that covers everything as per your website’s requirements.

● Before you choose a tool, know what features the tool provides according to your requirements. Some basic features may include a dashboard, crawler, tracker, backlinks, etc.

● An ideal tool is considered to be user-friendly. Otherwise, your prepared site will have issues regarding navigation. Thus, it is difficult to attract organic traffic.

● The audit should comply with all Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tools and be responsive to any kind of device.

● Another aspect you should consider is the pricing. If the pricing you have decided matches the website’s requirements and scope given by the audit tools. Otherwise, if you buy the audit but are not satisfied with the result, then it is a loss to you and your website.

● Finally, look at the reviews of other people who use the respective tool. After reviewing the usability of the audit then you decide what audit tool you should buy for your website that will match all your requirements.

technical seo audit tool

Best Practices For Conducting An SEO Audit Via Tools

For conducting an SEO audit, you have to perform some tasks, which include performing the crawling operation, checking the duplicity, the website’s overall optimization, loading speed, fixing redirect errors, mobile responsiveness, checking external and internal links, and performing all page loading operations to know the best practices for SEO auditing.

Boost Your Site’s Performance: Try your SEO Audit Tools Now!

If you are looking for the best SEO consulting agency, try your Seachonic SEO audit tools to optimize your website performance. Moreover, an SEO audit is necessary for a good ranking on Google’s first page.

The SEO audit determines the website optimization, and crawling operation to imply with all the SEO standards for more visibility and user engagement of your website.

Your audit tools provide the best workforce to support you in reaching a broader audience, always keeping track of your client's progress on the website and assisting in overall branding. Keep visiting your websites for further information.

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