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Top 10 Free SEO Keyword Tools You Should Try in 2024

May 24, 2024 by Mit Thakkar
SEO Keyword Tools

The first step in increasing the organic traffic and search engine exposure of your website is conducting top keyword research. That makes your website show up high in search results more frequently. Since conducting keyword research by yourself is very difficult, many people choose to use keyword research software. SEO keyword research free tool locates backlink opportunities, makes keyword suggestions, and also identify high-ranked keywords.

These tools are perfect for consultant SEO startup and startups, helping them find the best keywords to improve their content and search engine rankings. Years of working with multiple clients using a lot of tools for keyword research and SEO content optimization have seen the best SEO consulting company of them, so aware of how necessary it is to select the perfect keyword planner tool. According to popular belief, high-quality keyword research tools don't have to cost a lot of money and are free. The top paid and free SEO keyword ranking tools for 2024 are given at the bottom.

1. Google Keyword Planner

keyword research tools

One of the free tools in the Google Ads suite is Google Keyword Planner. It is used for SEO keyword search tools for free, mainly due to the fact that it’s free and provides quality keyword suggestions directly from Google.

● Key Features:

  1. Search for new keywords related to your products or services, or enter a website to find high-ranked keywords related to its content.

  2. Get historical search volumes from 2014 and observe the frequency with which particular terms are searched.

  3. Obtain high-ranked values for each keyword. View the competition for your keywords in Google Ads.

● How to Access:

  1. Open your Google Ads account and log in.

  2. In the left navigation, select Tools.

  3. Under Planning, choose Keyword Planner.

  4. Select a task.

2. Ubersuggest

keyword research tools

UberSuggest is a thorough SEO tool capable of competitor analysis, keyword research, SEO analysis, and article suggestions. Additionally, it provides premium features that need to be paid for. Its free version is quite popular these days because it provides knowledge at no cost. Ubersuggest is a part of the business, and it has free access to useful SEO data, which makes it a very useful tool for many website owners and digital marketers.

● Key features:

  1. Ubersuggest is a tool for conducting keyword research. It includes the entry of a topic or seed term, analyzing potential keywords, assessing search traffic and competitiveness, and optimizing content. It also offers insights into domain authority, backlinks, site audit reports, and keyword rankings.

  2. Ubersuggest helps develop your website’s visibility by suggesting valuable keywords, showing their search volume and competition, and making improving the SEO strategy and rankings easier.

  3. Ubersuggest's site audit feature scans SEO issues and finds SEO issues like broken links and slow page speed, helping you fix them to improve rankings and website performance.

  4. Ubersuggest's reports analyze SEO performance by showing traffic, backlinks, and keyword ranks. Use these to track your progress, make strategic changes, and improve the search engine optimization of your website.

● How to Access:

  1. Visit the Ubersuggest website first.

  2. Login or create a free account.

  3. Type in the search bar's keywords or the URL of your website.

  4. Analyze resources such as reports, site audits, and keyword research tools.

3. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

keyword research tools

It has a powerful SEO keyword ranking tool free. Upon entering the term, thousands of keyword suggestions are displayed. Advanced analytics tools, pay-per-click advertising, and content marketing tools are all available on this web-based platform.

● Key features:

  1. Overview of keywords: Gives you the ideal terms for your website.

  2. Organic science research helps you compare to your competitors

  3. Magic tool for keywords: 1000 keywords are produced using the seed keyword.

  4. Offers competitor analysis.

● How to Access:

  1. Visit semrush.com.

  2. Select Sign Up.

  3. After entering your email address, set a password.

  4. Select "Create Account."

  5. Put the name of your company here.

4. Moz Keyword Explorer

keyword research tools

With the use of Moz's Keyword Explorer, you can locate, arrange, and rank the terms and phrases that users enter into search engines according to factors like difficulty degree, monthly search volume, and high rank. And it facilitates the process of compiling lists of prospective keywords related to particular topics.

Expert SEO keyword suggestion tool free recommendation software, Moz Pro SEO Suite, is available for free and is capable of handling tasks like competitor research, link analysis, and on-page SEO grading. It can access the Moz Pro SEO Suite in a limited, free form, including the Keyword Explorer. However, you are limited to 10 free keywords per month.

● Key features:

  1. It offers powerful features for keyword research and SEO optimization. The tools generate and save keyword lists for easy access. It exports data, including analyses and keyword research suggestions, into CSV files for your use.

  2. It also provides SERP details for each keyword, helping you understand the competition.

  3. The priority score feature calculates a score for each keyword based on its volume, CTR, and difficulty, along with a customizable My Score.

  4. Additionally, the Keyword Gap tool identifies keywords your competitors rank.

● How to Access:

  1. Click on the "Explore by Keyword" area.

  2. Put a keyword in here.

  3. Choose the data's locale and language.

  4. Select Analyze.

keyword research tools

5. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

keyword research tools

Ahrefs is very well known for being one of the industry's top SEO tools and for its lots of data, user-friendly interface, and high quality features for keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits, and competition analysis. It offers insightful analysis and practical suggestions to assist customers in optimizing their websites for increased organic traffic and search engine rankings.

● Key features:

  1. Ahrefs’ Site provides users with easy analysis of backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords, and search traffic for any website or URL with detailed SEO metrics.

  2. Ahrefs' Keywords provides data for keyword research, including search volume, difficulty, click metrics, and related ideas, helping users find high-rank keyword opportunities.

  3. The Ahrefs Site Audit tool highlights on-page possibilities and technical SEO issues, such as broken links, crawl errors, duplicate content, and missing meta tags.

  4. The Rank Tracker feature of Ahrefs facilitates the tracking of target keyword ranks in search engines, tracking across several search engines and regions, and ranking comparison with competitors.

● How to Access:

  1. Access the Ahrefs webpage.

  2. Create a new account.

  3. Enter your login

  4. Use the dashboard to access the tools.

6. AnswerThePublic

keyword research tools

You can conduct two to three daily searches with this free SEO keyword search tool. It is an essential tool that informs new search terms, giving you a great audience reach. That offers you a benefit over others and is among the best free keyword research websites. It offers incredibly catchy blog titles.

● Key features:

  1. Provides you with upscale and advantageous information.

  2. Alerts for search listings are a useful function.

  3. Displays a visually inventive representation of keywords.

  4. By identifying questions, it offers a useful content strategy.

  5. It is simple to use and user-friendly.

● How to Access:

  1. Choose the platform that AnswerThePublic will use to collect its data.

  2. Click to Searches on AnswerThePublic's Dashboard.

  3. Enter a term or subject to get ideas for. For instance, you may choose "recipes" as your keyword if you manage a culinary blog.

  4. AnswerThePublic will compile hundreds of autocomplete results for your seed term from Google searches onto a single page. This will demonstrate individuals' areas of interest in your primary issue.

7. KWFinder

keyword research tools

One of the top 10 alternatives for SEMrush for keyword research and competitive analysis of other websites is KWfinder.Tools for locating keywords with low difficulty ratings and high search volume are provided by the platform.

● Key features:

  1. Keywords based on your domain and region can be found with a keyword research tool.

  2. Quickly and easily collects all the niche-specific keywords in one location.

  3. Obtain 50 separate SERP reports for your website.

  4. Essential tool for keyword research to identify terms associated with your sector.

  5. Plans are reasonably priced, and the user interface is feature-rich and intuitive.

● How to Access:

  1. To use KWFinder, go to:

  2. Visit KWFinder's home page.

  3. Select the blue button located in the top-right corner.

  4. Press the icon to begin a complimentary trial.

  5. Create a free account after selecting a password and providing your email address.

  6. Check the email you received.

8. Jaaxy

keyword research tools

The most efficient keywords for websites are chosen by internet marketers using a tool called Jaaxy. To find the ideal keywords for website optimization, it analyzes search engine data and gives users information about search volume, competitiveness, and possible traffic for particular phrases. When users enter terms or phrases, Jaaxy offers insights to assist them in making decisions on the creation of content and search engine optimization tactics.

● Key features:

  1. Jaaxy is a web-based keyword research platform that marketers use for keyword, website, competition, and market research.

  2. It helps save, search, store, and manage keywords, while its SEO scores high keyword ranking difficulty. Offering hundreds of related search terms per keyword with counted traffic and competition, Jaaxy draws data from Google, Bing, and Yahoo for comprehensive coverage.

  3. Search analysis provides insights into competition by tracking chosen keywords across search engines.

  4. Additionally, it provides competitor analysis, revealing the difficulty level in ranking. Overall, Jaaxy streamlines keyword research processes, empowers informed decision-making, and effectively enhances marketers' ability to optimize their online presence.

● How to Access:

  1. Go to the Jaaxy website first.

  2. Create an account.

  3. Enter your credentials to log in.

  4. After logging in, you can use the many capabilities for market research, competitive research, website analysis, and keyword research.

9. Soovle

keyword research tools

A keyword research tool called Soovle offers keyword ideas from a variety of platforms and search engines, such as Wikipedia, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Soovle is the best tool for your keyword research, and it goes beyond Google. When targeting particular audiences or optimizing content for numerous search engines, it might be especially helpful to have access to the search queries of different platforms.

● Key features:

  1. Check up potential keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.

  2. Suggestions for keywords from YouTube, Answers, Wikipedia, and Amazon.

  3. Everything is on one page, divided into sections.

● How to Access:

  1. Go to Soovle.com.

  2. Visit soovle.com after installing the browser plugin.

  3. Choose your APIs. After choosing the desired APIs from the "Engines" menu, type your search terms into the primary search field.

  4. View Volume Data.

10. Keywords Everywhere

keyword research tools

A free tool for keyword analysis, Keywords Everywhere is an SEO browser addon that shows you relevant information and keyword statistics while you explore the internet. Its pricing structure might have changed, but it used to provide new customers with free credits.

● Key features:

  1. Keywords Everywhere offers include search volume, competition, cost-per-click, and trends for targeted keywords across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, and YouTube.

  2. Its features include real-time keyword lookup, displaying search volume directly in search engine results, and detailed keyword analysis, including competition and top keywords.

  3. Users benefit from free SEO data, which includes search volume, CPC, and competition metrics, along with related keyword suggestions.

  4. Bulk keyword data processing is available, and the free version includes a trend chart, but it lacks monthly search volume data. Keywords Everywhere facilitates keyword research processes and provides valuable metrics for optimizing online content effectively.

● How to Access:

  1. Go to the website for Keywords Everywhere.

  2. Add an extension that works with your particular browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.).

  3. To activate the extension after installation, adhere to the instructions.

  4. Useful data, including search volume and CPC, is automatically displayed by Keywords. You conduct searches everywhere on compatible platforms, including Google, Bing, and YouTube.

  5. Examine extra functions in the extension's UI, like mass keyword processing and data analysis.

keyword research tools

Enhance Your SEO: Try These Free Tools Now

Google Planner is the greatest option, offering free keyword research websites due to its integration with Google Ads, which offers precise search traffic information and competitive analysis. It is user-friendly, making it very useful to users of all levels. Make some features your search basis and choose from those free keyword analysis tool SEO.

Additionally, these SEO consulting solutions often offer features for website analysis, backlink tracking, and performance tracking, helping users find areas for improvement and optimize their online presence effectively. By exploring various tools, users can customize their SEO efforts for maximum effectiveness and achieve greater success in their online chances.

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