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Top 20 SEO Performance Metrics to Measure SEO Success

November 8, 2021 by Mit Thakkar

SEO metrics are the indicators that represent valuable data about the performance of your SEO strategy. It also helps in tracking and measuring the overall success of your search engine optimization campaign. SEO metrics have also a role to play in keeping your website optimized, smooth and healthy as well which indeed is very important.

You may be thinking that there are a lot of technicalities involved in the world of SEO, which is true, but you can take action for your business website by contacting the SEO consulting company. You can choose their SEO consulting services in the interest to grow your website with a personalized strategy.

If you want to keep a track of the opportunities & threats comes on your way, then you need to rely on some of the key metrics for SEO performance and you are constantly required to stay on the top of key metrics.

Top 20 SEO performance metrics

1. Organic Traffic

All the efforts and SEO attempts will go in vain if it does not bring organic traffic to your website because that is the prime purpose of any business. You should check on regular occasions in order to track the performance of your SEO strategy. You will get to know about the number of visitors to your website with the help of organic search results, which is going to indicate if your website ranking is improving or not.

2. Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking is one of the popular metrics that is widely used and preferred by SEO strategists. Keywords used in ranking the website can tell you a lot of things:

  • Whether your website is growing organically or not in terms of ranking and visitors.
  • Whether you are placing the right keywords or not hence you need to look over your strategy accordingly.

Backlinks are considered a vital factor if we talk about Google ranking. It works with great effect if you focus on quality as well as quantity of your backlinks, your website is most likely going to catch the attention of google search engines. Track your backlinks to gain important data such as:

  • Link building sources in the future.
  • Cost-effectiveness of your strategy.
  • Information about link-building strategy.

4. Click-through rate or CTR

Monitoring your CTR tells you how impressive your listing is to generate clicks to your website. There is a sturdy interconnection between both click-through rate and ranking position, the higher your ranking position, the most amounts of clicks you will get.

5. Overall time spent by users on your webpage

Engagement metrics convey the data about the time spent by users on the web pages. If your site is getting higher user engagements, it means they are loving your content and they probably are satisfied with your high-quality content. If you want to see all this information in detail, then you need to check your Google Analytics.

6. Organic Conversions

Organic Conversions are one of the significant metrics to measure the quality of traffic you are getting whether they are the right audience or not. If your website has high traffic, but low conversions it simply means that your website is not being reached by the right audience. If that is the case, you need to change your target keywords that drive traffic to your website and help in engaging interested people to your site.


7. Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is the metrics developed by Moz, which is a search engine score that measures the chances of ranking a website in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. DA measures the score between 1 - 100, the higher the score will, and the greater your chances will be in ranking your website.

8. Trust Flow (TF)

Majestic evaluate the domain authority with the help of a metric known as Trust Flow. There is a similarity between Domain Authority and Trust Flow and the higher the score, the more the trust. The index is updated with majestic more often and the score is more likely to be accurate.

9. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the metric that indicates the fact that after visiting a website user has immediately left your site which is not a good sign. If it continues to happen, it won’t improve your rankings and are most likely to have the least impact on it. You should carefully take care of bounce rate metrics and look for every page on your site that causes your users to back off.

10. Direct Visitors and Returning Visitors

It is going to be a lot strenuous to upgrade your rankings if in case your website is not being liked by the visitors. If the content on your site is not relevant to the visitors, they will not return to your site again probably.

If in case, you are getting a fair number of visitors it simply means that your content is being liked by them and there are high chances that they will visit your site in the future. Having a good number of direct and returning visitors is a positive sign and Google is likely to notice it and enhance your site ranking.


11. Mobile Traffic

Many people use Smartphone’s to search for anything on Google, the search numbers are even more than desktop or laptop searches. Hence, mobile is the ultimate king in the eyes of Google. If you are getting a high amount of mobile traffic, then you are doing things that Google wants. It also means that you have a good site that loads quickly and behaves responsively.

12. OnPage Optimization Score

OnPage Optimization enables Google to understand your site and enhance your rankings and further lead to organic traffic. You need to optimize your content according to search engines and users as well.

13. Scroll Depth

Scroll Depth metrics are another tool to measure engagements of your content to visitors. It also records how far your page has been scrolled by the visitors. It can be evaluated in terms of percentage and pixels, hence; it measures the percentage of pages scrolled by the visitors on your site.

14. Content Length

Content length is also of the key metrics that should be looked at if you want to engage and impress your audience with your content. According to the ‘SEO experts’, content having 1000 or more words performs better than smaller articles or blogs as far as the current Google algorithm is concerned.


15. Branded Search Traffic

Branded Search Traffic is measured as the number of visitors your site has after targeting specific branded keywords on any search engine. In order to increase brand search traffic, you need to keep looking for specific branded keywords because trends keep on changing.

16. Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty metrics tell you how competitive your keywords are. If the difficulty score is high, it simply means a lot of competitors are using those keywords and it would not be easy for you to make it to the top of the search results. But it does not mean that it is impossible to rank on the top, it is just harder. You should look for keyword difficulty scores between 1 to 50.

17. Query Impressions

We track and measure organic traffic, but if you want to recognize future opportunities, then you need to look over query impressions. You can find out areas of your content to improve and look for keywords that will help in bringing more organic traffic.

The greater number of backlinks a website gets over a month, that is a great sign of strong ranking in various search engines. You are required to measure and maintain the link velocity of your site and the reason behind this is it kind of sends a message to the search engines that your site is steadily getting popular.


An internal link is generally a hyperlink that you can add to your website to link another page on the same website. Internal is one of the few underrated tools for link-building purposes in search engine optimization marketing.

  • Internal Links lets search engines to understand your site structure.
  • Internal Links lets your site visitors to navigate between pages.

20. Crawl Errors

Crawl error happens when a search engine tries to any web page with the help of a bot, but in the process, it fails to do so. It is one of the key metrics to measure a lot of things such as keyword ranking, content loading time, conversions as well as leads. It is interconnected in such a way that how quick and effortlessly any search engine crawler can access and identify relevance to such content on a web page.

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