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Ultimate Guide of SEO For Your Startup Business


Building a business startup is a very exciting experience but it is very challenging at the same time. You have to focus on a lot of things from product development to framing an attractive marketing strategy to drive your sales. Some marketers do not consider SEO for a startup business as an important component of their marketing strategy and there may be various reasons behind this thinking.

If you are not using Search Engine Optimization for your business startup even at an early phase, you are committing a mistake. SEO can be a very effective tool that is going to keep your business ahead of your competitors. One thing you need to understand very clearly is that Search Engine Optimization is a long-term activity, hence, you need to be patient things will gradually happen and thereafter you are going to see favorable results.

Search Engine Optimization is the method that helps in ranking your website with desirable keywords to drive traffic to your business website on the search result page. So, let us get started with the SEO guide for startups, the things you need to know that is going to work for your startup business.



SEO is closely related to keywords, when anybody searches something on Google it starts looking for pages that have similar keywords according to the search. If you see pages on top of the search results, then it is the role of Search Engine Optimization to rank pages on top of the search results.

There are over millions of web pages present on the internet, but surprisingly only ten make it to the top page of the search results on Google. So, taking advantage of keywords is not easy as it seems but at the same time, appropriate understanding and study of SEO concept and how it works can definitely help.

OnSite SEO

OnSite SEO is contemplated as one of the few technical facets of search engine optimization. The purpose OnSite SEO is to drag your business website as speedily as possible so, it can decide the section to put on your business website. It is done by identifying what were your intended keywords. If you are not optimizing your website in a proper manner for users & search engines, you are lowering your opportunities of driving high traffic to your website.

Things you need to prepare

  • Sitemap - A sitemap act as a blueprint for your business website that assists search engines to discover, drag, & index all the content available on your website. It also tells the search engines about the most important and relevant pages present on your website.
  • Mobile-friendly site - A decade ago, the mobile-friendly website was not a big deal, but at the present time it is a great matter of concern because of a huge number of people using smartphone devices nowadays. So, it is very important to have a mobile-friendly website.

Offsite SEO

Offsite search engine optimization ensures that your business website is looked at as reliable and authentic by Google. To achieve this action, you need to obtain backlinks or inbound links from additional websites so may that others can connect to your domain.

When another website link back to your website, you get a backlink. The more reliable as well as dependable your inbound links, the more search engine optimization benefits, and advantages you get. OffSite SEO is a remarkable factor when it comes to rank for specific keywords and that is an important aspect of digital marketing strategy.

Creating Blog Content

A lot of people do not realize the importance of blog content and that is the reason why they get most of their leads from Google ads & Facebook ads which are quite expensive. With each blog you post regularly, you are giving Google one more opportunity to rank your page, finding the keywords from your page, and index your page accordingly.

Technical SEO

Technical Search Engine Optimization refers to the website’s technical aspects which means you are required to meet the standard technical requirements of the present-day search engines for the purpose of improving the organic rankings. Technical SEO is one of the major parts of SEO because it tells search engines such as Google that you are having a website of greater value and even ranks you higher in search results.

Some important components of Technical SEO:

  • Indexing
  • Crawling
  • Rendering
  • Website Architecture

Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are numerous or uncountable search engine optimization tools, but the fact of the matter is you have to find the tools that work best for you. Some of the SEO tools are the Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, Moz, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Ahrefs, Backlink Checker, Majestic, etc.

SEO tools have several other benefits apart from ranking your website or conducting keyword research, but you will also get worthy insights about your competitors, how is your SEO strategy performing, whether you are able to bring out a fair amount of ROI or not. These insights are good indicators, and they can certainly help you in understanding your SEO game.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success is something you have to wait for, you need to be patient because it is something that is not going to happen overnight especially for small business firms or startups. You need to be constantly patient, because SEO marketing demands both time and patience both.

One of the best things you can do is to set up your Google Analytics account so may that you will be able to measure and track all your performances, success, and a lot of useful insights at the same time. Google Analytics has a record of all the activities that happen within your website from the number of visitors to your website to the pages which are getting more traffic, you will have all these valuable data and you can accordingly track your SEO success and plan further strategy.

Developing SEO for startup businesses and building an online presence in the marketplace is indisputably not going to be an easy process, but the above-mentioned things related to guide on SEO for a startup will certainly add some value while plans SEO marketing for your startup business.

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