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What is Search Intent? How it is Redefining the Marketing Funnel?

February 8, 2022 by Mit Thakkar

Businesses have spent numerous hours studying the marketing funnel and crafting the perfect one for their business. The marketing funnel provides an insight into consumer behavior and how it leads them to purchase.

Businesses have shifted towards a linear and consistent marketing funnel to provide an excellent online experience with digital marketing. However, customer behavior has changed as time goes by, and it has become more unpredictable, making marketing efforts difficult for businesses.

That’s where search intent comes into light. Google’s study shows that search intent has redefined the marketing funnel. Search intent refers to the query user types in the search engine, and search intents have three types, informational, navigational, and commercial.


In this article, we’ll highlight what the search intent is and how it is redefining the marketing funnel.

The marketing funnel revolves around the customer journey. Marketing strategies have changed as per user behavior, and it has completely reshaped their decision-making methods and their actions towards making the final purchase stage.

Every time the change occurs in marketing strategies or search engine algorithms, customers express their search intent and reshape the traditional marketing funnel. You can determine changes in customer behavior through researchers, customer reviews, small detail researchers, and post-purchase research.

Thus, businesses have to understand search intent in order to provide a better user experience and a seamless customer journey. Many businesses take the help of seo consulting services to manage and understand this marketing tactic.

For many customers, finding the best brand is the top priority. Therefore, their search queries become more saturated, and with each click, they get redefined. Each brand has a unique selling point, making the customers pickier about choosing the product. Additionally, many users tend to shuffle between brands searching for their perfect product.

After a long negotiation, such as if the brand fulfils all the user criteria in terms of quality, quantity, and pricing, the brand who passes all the criteria gets selected by the customer and finalizes the purchase.


In some cases, even after the user has completed their purchase, they continue their research regarding the product in hopes of finding out the smallest details. They want to make sure their choice is perfect, and they haven’t missed out on anything. Users gather all the details, such as coupon codes, retailers, shipping dates and charges, other relevant details. It helps them in their future purchase decisions and ensures that they won’t make any kind of mistakes.

Therefore, it has become extremely important for businesses to keep up to date with consumer behavior and make sure that they pass the customer benchmarks.

Here’s how you can use search intent for a better user experience.

1. Understand the Search queries

The understating of search queries begins with query patterns, as it helps discover the latest trends and changes in behavior. By recognizing this pattern, you can categorize data into specific user interests. Additionally, it will help you create detailed content that interests user searches.

With the help of search query data, you can directly provide your customers with exactly what they are looking for. It will help you reach the correct audience and form a connection.

2. Improve Website Content

Let’s be honest, nobody reads old content on the website, no matter how useful it is. Thus, reshaping your old blogs and giving them a fresh touch with the latest data can attract more visitors. It is the quickest way to boost organic traffic to your website.

3. Analyze Intent-Based Rankings

It is advisable to analyze your website performance based on the marketing funnel. It will help you determine which stage of your marketing funnel is doing well and which one needs more work. With the search intent data, you can prioritize content expansion, page creation, and page designing. Resulting in attracting more consumers and improving website rankings.


4. Prioritize Quality

To make your website get its desired visibility, you need to provide your customers with something nobody else is offering. Your information must be useful and straight to the point, so users can easily grasp it. Regularly optimize your website and ensure that your content is informative and effective for your audience.

Keep in mind, the more your customers enjoy your content, the more they’ll come back and get engaged with your brand.

5. Be Available

You have to be available for consumers on every possible online platform. (Yes, you read that right. People have moved past Google.) You have to be available on social media platforms as well, the majority of people use social media profiles instead of calls and emails to get their queries solved.

Also, the more content you share with your consumers, the more they’ll trust you.

In simple words, provide your customers with what they want and watch your rankings go higher. Create your strategies according to the marketing funnel and enhance your marketing strategies. You can hire small business SEO companies that can guide you through all the technicalities and help you optimize your website with the latest trend to make it more appealing for your customers.

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