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How To Craft An Effective Content Strategy For A StartUp Business?


You have just entered the world of start-ups and you want to take the industry by storm. But today every industry has immense competition and it becomes tough to get noticed. There are lot of challenges that you need to overcome. And one of such big thing is content marketing. We all have heard that content is a king and it indeed is as it works as a heart and soul of any brand.

Relevant content gets you connected to the target audience. It increases your reach and awareness about your product. And that is why all the entrepreneurs are focusing on curating correct content marketing strategy. Content writing services are available easily in the market what is bit difficult is to curate the content marketing strategy. But worry not! This blog will help you create a perfect marketing strategy.

Tips For Create Content Strategy

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1. Write on Most Searched Topics

When you are just starting out, you might feel lost on how to start and what to write. you might also worry if I write, will people be interested in reading? Will the traffic come? Well here is a tip for you. Write on a topic that is searched the most.

You can get an idea about such topics by using Buzzsumo. They will help you find topics that are mostly searched in your industry. It will show you which articles are shared the most and which gained more traffic.

Once you get the topic make sure to write something fresh and from your own perspective. Try to cover every detail and address every pain that a customer is facing. And this will set you right on track.

2. Write Guest Posts

New entrepreneurs face a lot of struggle to get traffic. You might be an expert in your field but what is the point if you do not have an audience to read. It becomes difficult to advertise yourself.

To combat this issue, you need to choose different channels that will help you reach to your target audience. You need to connect with highly reputable websites that has a loyal reader.

You need to write a guest’s blog on their website, which will help you gain more readers. This will create backlinks and enhance your content marketing. And in return you are providing a fresh content to their blog.


3. Focus on More Visual Content

Visual content is more appealing than any other content. A picture is likely to attract majority of people. Also it is easy to process a visual picture than to process a text. It creates easy understanding.

And so apart from creating a blog, content marketing strategy should also focus on infographics, meme or video content. Such content can be easily shared on social media and email.

On the other hand, if you will only share the link to your blog, chances are might people not even want to open the link and read. Whereas infographics can increase the revenue by 400%.

4. Consistent Content Creation

This is the thumb rule to get success. You need to be consistent in whatever you do to achieve the results. Success does not come overnight and to be consistent is the first condition of it.

You need to produce content regularly, to prove to your readers that they can trust you. It is not possible to post new blog every day. But it can be done at least twice a week. Also plan your content schedule in advance. This will save time and let you focus on writing and publishing.

You can keep updated about your upcoming blog by sending email to your readers. That way they will look forward to your blog.

5. Promote Your Content on Social Media

For start-ups, content marketing and social media marketing goes hand in hand. When you are a new blogger, readers won’t come and check on your website whether you have posted a new blog or not. You need to go out and let people know about your latest content.

You can promote your blog on social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin , twitter. Social media is a perfect platform to let people know about your content. Social media usually use a preview image when you share a link.

However if this might not be enticing enough for people to click on, you can just write a short snippet on what this blog is all about and share the link. This will make your audience click on the link. Get in touch with the social media marketing agency to manage your brand content marketing on social media plaforms.

6. Choose Niche Topic

You can create your own identity by writing on topics that has not hugely written by others in your industry. Rather than focussing on topics on which a lot has written, you can focus on topics that are not much discussed. This will give you a huge audience and they will look out for you in your chosen niche.

Writing on niche topic means to be as specific as possible. Suppose your industry targets bloggers. So instead of writing on how to write a blog you can write on how to write blog for beginners.

Another way of finding a niche topic is by searching for long tail keywords. This will give you an idea on what people searches the most and can write on it. Google is the best long key tail provider. Just start typing your keyword and you will be given lot of suggestions on what people are looking out for.



A correct content marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience faster. Your revenue highly increases and help you convert your startup into a successful venture. While content writing comes first, the above discussed strategy can get you ahead of competition in no time.

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