7 Content Writing Tips To Increase Sales For Your Ecommerce Startup Business


In this digital world, content is the digital marketing’s oxygen. High-quality content can bring out a lot of potential customers to your website. However, many businesses underestimate the potential of good content writing.

With digital marketing, you cannot interact with your customers face to face; you have to present yourself via the content on your website. Therefore, it is highly essential to get the content appealing and attractive for the visitors. Connect with content writing services to deals with creating and writing amazing contents for your ecommerce website.

Here are 7 content writing tips that will help you increase sales for your eCommerce start-ups business.


1.Make Your Reviews Accessible

Reviews are the most important thing while shopping online. The majority of people check product reviews before purchasing the product. They want to make sure that the product they are purchasing is up to the mark and will fulfil their expectations.

Thus, it is important to put your product reviews on the website. Make sure that all of your reviews are easily accessible. However, keep in mind that not all the time you’ll get good reviews. Sometimes you may get negative reviews. But instead of deleting them, approach the customer and try to resolve their problems. This will make them think that you are more than just a brand and you care about their well-beings. Communicate with online reputation management expert to plan your online reputation management campaign and strategy

Sometimes, this positive approach will retain your old customer and have a good impact on new comers as well.

2. Create How-to-Guide

Second most important thing in eCommerce is to provide the simplest guide to use your products. This isn’t a physical store, thus customers cannot physically see the product and learn its functionalities. Therefore, it is essential to create an easy how-to-guide that can help them once they receive their product.

However, do not create your how-to guide lengthy. Use bullet points and get to the point. If the how-to-guide is too lengthy it will complicate the things and users may return your products if they can’t assemble or use it properly.

3. Create Videos and Use Image

Visual content is as important as the written content in digital marketing. Small videos, gifs, and images will help visitors get the better understating of your brand and products. An appealing website is the first step of attracting the customers.

Research shows that majority of customer land into the website only if they find it attractive. Also, creating a visual content is important for social media marketing as well. Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and meme gifs are the great way to entertain the customers along with promoting your brand.

Make sure that you are hoping on all of the latest trends to get the maximum audience, likes, and shares. The more visitors you get, the chances of them turning into potential customers are high, and eventually it will drive your sales up to the next level.


4. Repurpose Old Content

Repurposing old content has numerous benefits. You don’t have to create a complete new content, you can easily update the old statics with the new one and voila. You can modify your old content into a visual one a well. There are many ways you can repurpose your old content and get more traffic.

Repurpose all of the old blogs that you have on your website and if they are not relevant, delete them completely.

5. Establish trust with Social Proof

Social proof is important in eCommerce industry. As we mentioned previously, the majority of people will buy what their peers are buying and if they have good reviews. Thus it is essential to provide social proof in your content marketing strategy. Include reviews, testimonials, and customer’s online posts (with their permission) on your website. You must hire social media marketing agency to handle and manage your social marketing accounts.

Positive reviews will help the new comers trust your brand and make them try your products. Also, it will help them have a good relationship with the brand.

6. Email Marketing

Emails are also an important part for digital marketing. Emails are the easiest way to approach your customers and send them all the details and offers directly. However, too much emailing can put you on user’s spam list. Therefore, make sure you only include necessary details in the email and not send them too frequently.

In email marketing, you can include discounts, offers, and other activities that your brand is hosting, such as surveys, polls, etc. Make sure to send wishing emails on their special days with a limited time discount offer.

7. Update your Product Descriptions

Lastly, your product descriptions should be up to date. The first thing that customers see after seeing the product image is its description. You need to provide a thorough product description that matches with the product image. Provide all the valuable details such as length, width, material, colour, warranty, shipping charges, etc.

It will make the work easier for visitors as it saves their time and help them into their decision making process.


On the end note, here are 7 content writing tips that you can utilize in your marketing strategies that will help you grow your business and drive sales.

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