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Performance Marketing Vs. Growth Marketing - Which Is Suitable For Your B2B Startup Business?


In the B2B Businesses, the role and importance of marketing is all the more important and critical to the success of the business. Over the years, the function of marketing has evolved and grown at a very healthy pace, with some major developments and changes. Performance Marketing and Growth Marketing are two such crucial developments in this field. If you are looking at understanding which of the two methods to be used for your business, then be rest assured that you have reached a major milestone. You can hire digial marketing expert to plan performance marketing for your b2b startup business.

However there are several points that differentiate the two methods and it is important for businesses to understand these differences in order to select the right tactic and achieve faster growth and development. Contrasting to performance marketing, the growth marketing tactic focuses on utilising the full-funnel marketing where it attempts to influence the whole AAARRR (Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention, and Referral) marketing funnel.

Which should you choose for your B2B Start-Up?

Selecting either growth or performance marketing tactics is largely dependent on the stage of the company. This means that you should first determine stage of the company along with the quality and range of products and/or services offered. If the product or the service fulfils needs that are already existing in the market, then using growth marketing tactics is better suited.


The main reason for this is because it helps in optimising and building for growth, and not just on creating impressions, downloads, and clicks like it is done in performance marketing. The tactics of growth marketing rely more on understanding and creating a path for the company to grow, instead of just dumping leads and information about potential customers to the sales teams.

  • Growth marketing is more effective for a company which is in its growth phase.
  • Performance marketing helps in optimising performance of the company or the product to generate maximum revenue.
  • Using performance marketing tactic is expensive as opposed to growth marketing strategies.

In this article we discuss both the tactics and present the differences and similarities between the two as well as suggest how businesses can select the appropriate tactic.


In growth marketing, the approach used by the marketers focuses on adopting a data-driven approach for attaining growth. In contrast, performance marketing is a more aggressive approach that enables the marketing campaign and the company itself. As a start-up business, you will have to determine if the company is in the need for optimising the performance or on maximising its growth.

In the lifespan of your start-up business, you have to understand what kind of boost the company needs. If your business needs to boost and optimise its performance in relation to a product, such as attracting more visits to the website, or getting more clicks, or increasing the sales for a short duration, then performance marketing is better suited. On the other hand, if you want to optimise growth for the company in the future, then you should use growth marketing tactic.

You can easily measure performance marketing with ROI-return of investment. Performance marketing measures every activity an actions and analyse it against pre-defined KPIs. As we know, measurable ROI is the healthy sigh of a successful business.


The scope of performance marketing is very limited. This is because of the fact that it is a very small part of the overall marketing strategy. It means performance marketing is a small function of a company’s marketing tactic and thus focuses on only a certain number of goals, objectives, and targets.

The main focus of performance marketing is on advertising and online marketing. On the other hand, the growth marketing tactic is more holistic in nature. Here, instead of just using one or two parts of the marketing function, you can select from a full menu of online marketing and promotion methods that can help you grow your start-up business.


In growth marketing you will be using a full funnel to marketing. This means every stage of the marketing process is followed during the growth marketing process. It can help you in getting more customers to your business and generate better awareness in the market that can help optimise as well as maximise the growth. Get in through with social media marketing agency to plan marketing roadmap on social media platform.

However, performance marketers tend to improve and enhance the performance of only a certain aspects of the marketing function. Due to this reason, its overall usefulness and effectiveness gets limited and affects growth of the company. But it helps in increasing the performance of certain metrics and aspects of the business. You can hire PPC expert to accelerate sales and conversion of your b2b startup business.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is an essential part of any organisation, regardless of the industry and sphere of its operations. Over the years the marketing function is evolved considerably, and growth and performance marketing are two key tactics that have emerged. In conclusion it can be said that selecting and implementing a marketing tactic is largely dependent on the stage of the company. This is the best approach for deciding the best possible marketing tactic for the firm or you can also hire seo for startup business.


If the organisation is in its growth phase, then it is better for the firm to use the growth marketing strategy, or if the firm is in a place where performance is more valuable to maximise the revenues, then performance marketing is the right strategy to use. You should be very careful while selecting any of the two strategies, as they can have a detrimental impact on the company and influence its overall performance and functioning significantly. This is applicable to companies operating in either B2B or B2C Businesses.

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