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Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare: Best Practices for 2023


The healthcare sector is among the fiercest battlegrounds in the global business around the world. As of today, people have a plethora of options to avail of healthcare services. So, how do you think you will be able to stand out in the crowd with your specific healthcare business or services?

Well, you will need the help of a healthcare digital marketing company that can present your service offerings as the best in the lot. With the ideal approaches in terms of marketing, the experts will help position your brand as a booming healthcare facility and reach out to a wide number of patients.

What needs to be done to ensure a great digital marketing win for your healthcare business? Well, let’s dive deeper into some of the best practices as recommended by the professionals.

What is Healthcare Digital Marketing?

Healthcare digital marketing is a proficient way of helping your business interact with the right customers or patients. As the power of digital channels is growing stupendously in this decade, professional marketers have an idea of what needs to be done to present you as the best service provider in the region.

Starting from social media marketing to SEO, personalized healthcare marketing strategies can go to all lengths to help your brand build positive relationships with potential patients. Thus, it would help you generate more leads and drive more sales.

Importance of Digital Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Industry

Some of the things that express the importance of implementing digital marketing solutions for the healthcare industry include:

● Reach a Wider Audience

Healthcare digital marketing would help you reach out to a wider audience in a competitive region. With a plethora of competitors around your city or country, you need that additional push through marketing efforts to win more sales.

● Cost-Effectiveness

Healthcare digital marketing is a cost-effective way of boosting your brand exposure among the target audience. As a big percentage of hospital searches start over Google, being more visible can help you get more leads.

● Measurable Outcomes

The outcomes of implementing the right strategy for healthcare digital marketing can be measured consistently. With this, the marketers will have an insight into what went wrong and what needs to be improved for even better results

The Evolving Landscape of Best Healthcare Digital Marketing

Over time, healthcare digital marketing has picked up pace and has shown great results for numerous business owners. But in the past, people relied solely on traditional marketing measures.

The differences between traditional and digital marketing for healthcare businesses are quite broad, and the respective strategies affect business growth differently.

Traditional healthcare marketing consists of promoting the services through newspapers, radio ads, and television. Following that, some clinics even used handout brochures and took part in events to promote their healthcare services.


On the other hand, healthcare digital marketing is helping brands get an online presence. As of today, a lot of patients refrain from relying on doctors or hospitals that don’t have an online presence. With a digital marketing approach, you can now create your website, present your services, share testimonials, and leverage SEO to be accepted by a conscious audience.

Not just that, but healthcare digital marketing will also help you with email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, YouTube marketing, and other such options to scale the brand value. Hence, this is how healthcare marketing has evolved from traditional to digital!

Some healthcare facilities are also keen on using both traditional and digital marketing methods to reap benefits from both. But, the majority is shifting to the digital means of marketing healthcare services.

It is mostly because of the pace of returns! With digital marketing measures, you will be getting more leads in a short span of time, as compared to the traditional means. Therefore, switching to completely digital isn’t going to be a bad investment at all.

Best Practices of a Healthcare Digital Marketing Company

As per experts, some of the best practices for you to implement a winning strategy associated with healthcare digital marketing are:

1. Website Optimization/Audit

The first and most important thing you must do while marketing your healthcare services online is to optimize your website for better SEO and engagement. The professionals will be implementing SEO techniques to optimize your website and increase its organic reach.

Following that, your site will also be revamped to create a mobile-responsive design. A big chunk of your target audience will probably look for your services on their mobile devices. Therefore, optimizing your site to load and respond promptly is of utmost importance.

Not only that, but engaging and informative content will also be needed for your website to rank higher over the SERPs. Blogs, patient testimonials, and FAQs will give you a better scope of enhancing the SEO parameters of your website.

2. Social Media Marketing

The next big thing while implementing healthcare digital marketing is to promote the brand and services across social media channels. The first thing that you must do is choose the ideal platform to market your services, among Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

Depending on the platform where your audience is highly active, plan out the marketing campaigns accordingly. Following that, you can also take charge of creating educational content and interactive sessions, such as videos, live Q&A sessions, or webinars, to make your social media channels more engaging for the target audience.

3. Email Marketing

The next best practice to spread awareness of your new healthcare business is email marketing. Take the help of experts in order to segment the email lists based on the diverse interests of patients, their health conditions, and demographics.

Create personalized and compelling subject lines to entice the targeted customers to open the email. Following that, the content added to the email should also be engaging enough for people to take the next step towards checking out your services.

The best thing you can do is time your promotional emails during the healthcare awareness months or special days, such as World Health Day, World Malaria Day, etc. You will eventually be able to get higher click-through rates through this approach.

4. Paid Advertising

At times, organic marketing might not be enough to give you the growth your brand deserves. Therefore, paid advertising can fill that gap and help you boost your sales rate. Run PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns with unique landing pages targeting specific medical treatments or conditions.

You can adapt geofencing techniques for targeting local audiences, as the majority of your customers will try to find you with local search queries. Moreover, try A/B testing on landing pages and your PPC ad copies to determine what works well for boosting your conversion rates and what doesn’t!

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the powerhouse of healthcare digital marketing. Hiring the right experts to help you curate quality content for your articles, whitepapers, or website will not just boost your SEO outcomes but will also deliver engaging & educating information to the site visitors.

Certain medical details may be too intricate for the general public to comprehend. A proficient healthcare content writer can present such information in the form of infographics for the audience to understand them easily.

To scale your brand value further and earn some authoritative backlinks, you can also do guest blogging on some reputed healthcare websites to create maximum exposure. For instance, you can rely on some healthcare bloggers who have good traffic flow on their sites and content pieces.

6. Video Marketing

Bring together a team and create informational videos of various preventative care measures or medical procedures to educate the audience about your skills and expertise. Share some video testimonials of patients expressing their happiness upon availing of your services and feeling better post-treatment.

Following that, you can also prepare some how-to guides for people to be able to use some of the at-home medical devices. When you make yourself readily available to help your audience with everything they think of, they will absolutely repay you the debt by being loyal to your healthcare facility.

7. Influencer Collaboration

Influencer marketing is the latest winning strategy for promoting your healthcare services across a wider audience. Look out for influencers who often promote healthcare tips and talk about different available remedies.

Partner with them to reach out to a niche audience! Go for influencers who have a good number of followers, as they can turn out to be your potential customers. Don’t stop there, as you can also run co-branded social media campaigns and host joint podcasts or webinars to spread the word of your partnership with the person and all the good reasons on a wide scale.

8. Online Reviews and Reputation Management

One important step in implementing healthcare digital marketing is to encourage satisfied patients to leave positive reviews on the website or on your Google My Business profile.

Take the pain of addressing all the negative reviews across diverse platforms, and be prompt and professional while dealing with them. In the end, you must integrate certain tools that would help you monitor or manage your online reputation easily.

9. Analytics & Reporting

The next best practice you must adopt is tracking your KPIs. Some of the metrics that you must take note of for assessing the digital marketing success for the healthcare business include ROI, conversion rate, click-through rates, and others for different marketing measures.

Make use of Google Analytics, alongside other such tracking software, to help you with the updated real-time data. Reviewing the strategies regularly and making the necessary adjustments will help you scale your healthcare digital marketing performance immensely.


10. Telehealth Promotion

Let people know that you offer telehealth services from your facility as well. Create specific marketing campaigns to educate the audience about it and how they can avail the same. Provide your audience with guides and other documentation on how they can use the telehealth services to the best of their potential.

Make use of targeted ads to reach out to the individuals who are more likely to avail of the telehealth services. It will not just help you get more sales but will also promote your skills and expertise in dedicated fields.

11. Compliance and Ethics

While conducting healthcare digital marketing practices, you should remember to ensure all of your services are meeting the compliance requirements. You must regularly update the privacy policy and ensure complete transparency.

Following that, you should also train your staff to follow the best practices that are within the positive ethics of healthcare marketing. With this, you will be able to build a positive rapport with your patients and create an authoritative image among the regulatory bodies.

Get a Proven Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy Now!

Well, all of these practices stated above are tested to deliver productive results for your business. But, if you have started a new healthcare business or are running a well-established facility, you might find it difficult to give enough time and effort towards implementing the rightful digital marketing measures.

It needs the utmost precision and skills to make these healthcare digital marketing strategies work out as expected. Therefore, the ideal way to save your time, money, and efforts in pursuit of winning over more customers and higher revenue is to outsource the healthcare digital marketing services.

Outsourcing your healthcare digital marketing requirements will not just save you from the expenses of hiring an in-house marketing team but will also let you be free from the hassle of delegating your productive work time. With the help of outsourced professionals, you can focus on attending to your patients and providing quality service, whereas the experts will be scaling your brand presence across online platforms.

But, it is also a challenge to find an agency that can help you with all of these listed digital marketing services at a reasonable price and without compromising on quality outcomes. Well, to put an end to your search, you have already landed on the site of the best healthcare digital marketing service provider.

Searchonic is your one-stop hub for handling all types of digital marketing requirements associated with your healthcare services. Give us a chance, and we shall help your healthcare facility or brand stand out in the crowd of numerous competitors. We will keep you updated with the progress and shall make sure you have a consistent flow of patients and service inquiries.

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