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Why Should Every Dentist Consider PPC Advertising?

October 23, 2023 by Mit Thakkar

In the world of marketing, a large number of strategies exist that companies use to attract new customers. Even when we are talking about the healthcare industry, the use of successful marketing tactics is important for healthcare institutions.

One of the most tried and tested strategies for promotional marketing is the PPC marketing strategy. There are many companies that offer PPC for dental practices that can increase customer footfall for your dental clinic.

Dentist PPC services are aligned towards increasing awareness and aiding lead generation for dental clinics and dental specialties. Dentists who want to be leaders in the healthcare sector need to invest in PPC for dentists. In this article, you will come to know of details linked with PPC services for dentists.

Importance of PPC For Dental Practices

● Understanding PPC for Dentists

PPC marketing has an abbreviation that stands for pay-per-click marketing. Usually, pay-per-click advertisements are used by companies and ecommerce setups. However, PPC ads can also be used for dental clinic promotions. For example, a dental clinic can run Google ads for dentists so that people who want dental consultations can choose the services they want. At a time when everyone is on the internet, and all kinds of brand promotions happen on it, dental clinic promotions also need the help of PPC advertisements.

Google ads for dental clinics can also run on affordable budgets, and a dentist can choose the range and timeline of running these ads. Pay-per-click ads work on a simple strategy, and they are very useful in making your clinic popular and increasing positive actions from potential patients. To understand PPC for dental practices, let us learn more about the cost structure of PPC campaigns.

● Cost structure

The pricing of PPC ads depends on multiple factors. The pricing usually depends on the timeline for which you are running the ads and the ad network you use. Usually, people prefer Google Ads because of the impact Google ads have. If you are planning to partner with a good PPC agency, ask them for a guide to Google ads for dentists before making a decision on costs.

Outline the goals you want to achieve through the PPC ads and discuss how to get them with your agents. Google ads for dental practice can run really well if they are budgeted and targeted properly. Depending on the terms and conditions you have discussed with your PPC agency and the final agreement, the PPC costs will be determined. The ad spend can vary depending on what tools and strategies are implemented for the clinic.

Usually, dental clinics do not do their advertising in-house, choosing to outsource it. If you are going to outsource the advertisement, you can choose to spend nearly 12 to 30 % of the ad spend on PPC ads. These ads give really good ROI if they are targeted properly, so after consulting with your digital marketing consultant, you should make the decision to invest in the PPC ad strategy.

How Dental PPC Advertising Differs From Other Advertising Models?

The dental PPC advertising process is different from other advertising models because they are slightly different in positioning and other details. For example, the PPC ads are placed and visible to users based on the keywords that they put in and search for on the search engine. So, PPC ads are better targeted when compared to other ad strategies. Other ad strategies, like display ads, show up on websites and search engines, but they are very random.

Google ads for dental clinics on a Pay-per-click basis are more efficient because for each click, even if the dental clinic is paying, it is also getting a sure-shot result. Because of the tangible results and measurable ROI, companies and dental practices prefer the use of PPC advertisements. Dental practices want to attract new customers and keep a loyal base of patients.

When the primary goal is patient acquisition, PPC advertisement is the best strategy to adopt. PPC advertisement answers specific problems of the people and redirects them to the brands that can solve their problem. As dental healthcare is an essential service, highly targeted PPC ads can benefit your dental practice. Below are the best benefits of PPC ads for dentists.

Benefits of PPC for Dentists

1. Immediate visibility

The use of PPC for dentists near me can help build visibility for your dental clinic. The use of Local SEO tactics with PPC ads can help create hyperlocal visibility for your dental practice so that potential leads and patients are aware of your dental clinic and come to your practice for services when they need them.

2. Targeted audience reach

The best way to use PPC ads is to target them specifically to the audience that is searching for such services. In a crowd of internet users, it is important to build a targeted audience reach. When the Ad is well-targeted, hot leads are captured and easily converted into patients. A lot of people are potential patients who search for dental clinics to avail themselves of dental healthcare on an urgent basis. To attract such people, PPC ads are the best to use.

3. Controlled budget and spend

As it is on a pay-per-click basis, the spending on Google ads for dental can be easily controlled and managed in an affordable way. You can start with a small budget, and after getting returns, you can expand it according to your marketing goals.


Points To Keep in mind when you Plan Google Ads For Dentists

Now that we have touched upon the process and structure of PPC ads, let us go deeper into the factors contributing to PPC marketing for dentists so that you can decide how to implement PPC advertising strategies. The key components of Best PPC for dentists are as follows-

1. Key Components of a Successful Dental PPC Campaign

● Keyword Research

Before starting the Dental PPC campaign, the team has to do relevant keyword research to support the strategy with facts and numbers. The keyword research can be used to set the target audience and visibility of the ads.

● Importance of relevant keywords

The relevant keywords that are selected with the help of research help the team in deciding how to set the ad and who to show it to. According to the volume of keywords searched, the target audience can be refined, and the ads are more impactful.

● Tools and techniques used for keyword research

Today, there are many free tools and paid tools to do keyword research on the internet. The dental PPC team has to look for specific keywords related to dental practices and dentists to include in the PPC campaign. Paid tools and research techniques can give you the most desirable results.

● Ad Copy and Creative

The PPC ad copy that you are going to float for your dental clinic needs to be simple but crisp. The PPC ad copy should include the search keywords and carry the message, keeping the audience in mind. The PPC ad copy should also carry a clear CTA so that the audience can take affirmative action on the advertisement.

● Crafting compelling headlines

The first thing that the audience will read in the ad copy is the ad headline. A catchy and engaging headline in a PPC Ad copy attracts users’ attention and increases their curiosity about the brand.

● Importance of clear call-to-action (CTA)

The call to action buttons or CTA buttons are important in the ad copy. The CTA buttons are the points of contact for the brand. When the lead is curious about the brand and wants to contact the clinic immediately, the CTA buttons help him. To create a prolonged relationship and convert the lead immediately, you need clear call-to-action buttons.

● Using images effectively

The ad copy also needs to include relevant images to make the content more interactive. The images need to be authentic and positive for the dental clinic. Images give a higher credibility to the practice as the audience connects better this way.

● Landing Pages

Apart from the Google ads for dental practices, your dental clinic also needs a landing page that can be linked with the PPC ad. The Landing page acts as a gateway to your dental clinic and collects important information from the patient so that your customer service team can contact him. The landing page can include a registration or appointment form that can establish communication between the clinic and the patient.

● Role in conversion

The PPC ads and the landing page together play a major role in converting leads to patients. Patients can immediately contact or register with the dental clinic through the landing page and avail of your services.

● Tips for optimization

To optimize the PPC ads, you need to carry out keyword research from time to time. You also need to modify the landing page so that leads can be converted easily. The ad copy should have clear CTA buttons and lead to your dental clinic website so that the leads can take action and walk further on the purchase journey.

● Importance of mobile-friendly design

When creating a PPC ad campaign or a landing page to support it, your team needs to create a mobile-friendly design. The mobile-friendly design is a great support because it means that more people can easily view and interact with the ad.

2. Targeting and Remarketing

● Geo-Targeting

PPC marketing for dentists works best when the Geo-targeting is on point and local SEO strategies are employed. Most people simply search for dentists near me because they do not want to venture far for dental healthcare. So, for your dental clinic, you need to target the audience in a local manner so that you can establish a local niche.

● Reaching local patients

Local PPC marketing for dentists works best in reaching local patients. Turning local audiences into loyal patients and building trust in the community can ensure steady profits for your dental practice.

● Setting radius or specific areas

The dental clinic can do well in the hyperlocal or local sector, so the radius of PPC targeting has to be set properly. Discuss with your agent about the area where you expect most patients and set the target to specific areas.

● Demographic Targeting

Your marketing team also needs to study and understand the most possible demographic sectors for your patients. Depending on the specialty you offer, you can also determine the demographics to target.

● Age, gender, household income, etc.

Which age group and gender of people might come to your dental clinic the most? Depending on the prices of your services, who can afford your healthcare services? These are the most important questions a dentist has to ask while deciding how to target the audience. These questions help in demographic targeting in a better way.

● Remarketing

Apart from targeted marketing, you also need to do remarketing to existing leads and customers so that they revisit your clinic and create customer loyalty.

3. Budgeting and Bidding

● Setting a Budget

Budgeting and bidding are important before starting the PPC campaign. According to the goals and targets you want to achieve and the budget you want to set, you can put forth the numbers in front of your marketing agency.

● Determining ROI

You can set the expected ROI after putting forth the budget on the table. However, the marketing team can also adjust the ROI depending on the goals and insights.

● Factors to consider

Before going for bidding, you need to consider the factors that affect the cost of your PPC campaign. The industry, the goals, and the ROI you are expecting are all factors to consider. The time for which you want the PPC campaign to run also determines the bid.

● Bidding Strategies

There are three main bidding strategies that companies employ. For example, you need to put forth either a manual bidding strategy or an automatic strategy. There is also an enhanced cost-per-click strategy.

● Manual vs. automated bidding

In the manual bidding strategy, the advertising agency sets the maximum price for each set of keywords. On the other hand, the automated strategy uses Google and search engine algorithms to bid for the relevant keywords. It all depends on the goals outlined and the budget that is set.

● Tips for maximizing ROI

Your Dental Clinic is running PPC campaigns to get more customers and increase its profits. All the actions give some kind of ROI for the investments made. There are many ways to improve and maximize the ROI. For example, you can improve the targeting of the PPC ads by refining the audience segment. You can customize your ads to create a unique brand identity and attract a lot of customers. You can gather insights from performance data and modify the ad copy and campaign strategy.


4. Monitoring and Optimizing Your Campaigns

● Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The Key Performance Indicators help in monitoring the progress of your PPC campaign and its success. There are many KPIs of the PPC campaigns to keep in mind. For example, the average click-through rate, the quality score, and the impression share are important KPIs to consider.

● What metrics to monitor

In order to know if your PPC advertisements are working positively or not and if goals are achieved, you need to take multiple metrics into consideration. For example, the click-through rate, the impressions, the quality score, and the conversion rate are all important metrics to look at.

● Importance of conversion tracking

The main aim of a good PPC campaign is to convert visitors into patients for your dental clinic. While PPC ads increase website traffic, they should also be converting leads into patients. To know about the efficacy of your marketing, you need to track the conversion rate. If the conversion rate is high, the PPC campaign is a success.

● A/B Testing

A/B testing of the ad copy is also important so that your team can determine which of the copies can go out and create the best ROI. Keeping options open and testing them is a good approach to take to determine the best outcome.

● Ongoing Optimization

When the PPC campaign is in progress, the insights from the campaign need to be taken, and optimization should happen from time to time to maximize output. The ongoing optimization helps in tackling any uncertainty in the lead and customer behavior.

● Adjusting based on performance data

Suppose a PPC campaign runs for some months; the marketing team needs to monitor the campaign and collect performance data from the tools so that the performance data can be used to adjust the campaign for better ROI. This will maximize the benefits of PPC for dentists.

● Importance of regular campaign reviews

The campaign needs to be reviewed by the marketing team and by the owner of the practice from time to time. Regular reviews help determine the ways to improve the positioning and message of the campaign for better ROI.

PPC Marketing For Dentists: Challenges and Pitfalls to Avoid

1. High Competition Keywords

High-competition keywords are in high demand and cost the most per bid, which can make your advertising campaign very expensive to run. The marketing team should not completely focus on high-competition keywords.

2. Strategies to counter

Your marketing agency and SEO specialists will help you understand how to counter the high-competition keywords. These days, there are keyword planners and research tools that help your team moderate the keywords to be put to use in the PPC campaign.

3. Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are very useful as specific keywords are put to use for determining the pace of PPC campaigns. The negative keywords help you determine the PPC targeting by excluding the terms that are not relevant to your clinic so that the ad campaign can only focus on the keywords that matter to your audience.

4. Importance in filtering out irrelevant traffic

Negative keywords and highly specific keywords help in narrowing down the ad targeting to location-specific demographic sections of the audience so that you get the right leads and the conversion rate is impressive. Customer acquisition is higher when the right keywords are used.

5. Overlooking Mobile Traffic

When running a PPC ad campaign, your dental clinic should not overlook the importance of mobile traffic. Every person, even kids today, has mobile phones. So, there is considerable mobile traffic on search engines. So, if you really want to target a wide audience, create mobile-friendly ads and landing pages. Overlooking the mobile traffic will only hurt your dental clinic's user base.

6. The rise of mobile searches

There has been an inherent rise in mobile searches since mobile phones and tablets have essentially replaced desktops. If the total volume of internet searches is taken into account, 64 percent happen on mobile phones.

7. Ensuring mobile optimization

A good PPC ad company will know the importance of mobile optimization of your website and ad copies. If you are not clear about it, you should discuss the same with your digital marketing agency and take steps for mobile optimization today.

Boost Your Practice! Click for Dental PPC Mastery

A digital marketing company can help your dental clinic in creating a strong user base. There will be word-of-mouth marketing for your clinic, but you need to support your clinic for better returns and tackling competition. A dental digital marketing company with specialization and experience in dealing with dental care setups can help your dental care practice become very popular.

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